New Album---Sneak Peek---Out Now!!!

With Glenn Gaddum Jr. on bass and Erik Kooger on drums

Order at Jazz Center The Hague and Platomania (Concerto)

Album is also digitally available in I-tunes and Amazon

Check them out!
20-05-2017 Blue Note Sessions Eindhoven
25-05-2017 Twents Gitaar Festival Enschede
05-06-2017 Jazz in Duketown Den Bosch
18-06-2017 Hoornse Stadsfeesten
29-06-2017 North Sea Round Town Rotterdam
22-10-2017 Windkracht 13 Den Helder
09-11-2017 De Boerderij Zoetermeer (Support Act Yellow Jackets)
29-04-2018 Jazz in Cuijk